Water Pearls/ Water Beads

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    The Hotest New Decorating item!  Water Beads also know as Crystal Pearls

    From Tiny Beginnings to a Spectacular End!!  NEW 40g packet will makes approx 5Ltrs of Crystal Pearls.  Just add water & one Submersible LED Light and its Done!

    1. Dye your pearls with food colouring
    2. Add water to a large jug at least 1lite per 10 grms
    3. Add food colour of your choice to the water first.
    4. Add your Pearls that’s it!

    These Crystal Pearls can be used over & over again and will keep in air tight container for up to 12 months

     (Pearls take approx 4-6 hours to expand )


    Watch this video for great ideas on how to use Water Pearls